Brightest As We Fall (standalone novel)

Hello! Finally, right? I KNOW. (And while this is a surprise, it’s not the surprise… That’ll be coming later… have to get it juuuuuust right.)

A brand new steamy romance. Releasing at 99 cents for the next few days. It’s bad boy, good girl, road trip, with some mild BDSM. Nice and long, for your reading pleasure.

Up next… Not sure. Likely shenanigans (aka multiple partners, office) but I see shark fins circling in the water, too. We’ll see!


book coverBrightest As We Fall is a standalone novel of 112,000 words.

DeeAnn Carmach has always been a good girl, but she’s deep in debt to the wrong people. Desperate and broken, she’s driven to sell the only thing she has of value: her pretty face.

But before her audition, she witnesses a deal gone violently wrong. Everyone is dead, and there’s millions in cash. Sitting there. For the taking.

She grabs it and runs.

Jason Traugher survived the shootout, and he wants that money. His thick muscles and square jaw make him look like an action hero, but he’s definitely the bad guy, a hardened criminal who prefers to murder his enemies. As hot as DeeAnn is, she’s nothing to him but an obstacle to destroy.

He will catch her. And when he does…


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So, it’s been a minute

It’s a figure of speech, Mr. Abs

My name is Cleo, and I’ve been very bad. Before I get to the release schedule (and that should be in quotes), I want to apologize to everyone who has been patiently waiting for new stories. Hell, I’d better also apologize to those who have been waiting impatiently. Life happens, but I should have been more communicative. I wasn’t, and I’m sorry. Although it must be said, you guys are the best, so supportive and kind and no one yelled at me (except playfully, which is my sense of humor, too) or has made me feel anything less than appreciated.

Actually, since you’ve all been so awesome, I think you deserve a present. Maybe for the holidays, maybe sooner. TBD!

Release schedule! Er, well, there isn’t one. A lot of books are getting close to done and I expect to have new releases in the next few months. That said, my time and soul (another word that should be in quotes) are extensively fractured these last… years… due to ongoing family obligations and complications. Planning is tricky.

But here’s a handy guide to what’s coming:

Sharks? YES

Bounty Hunter (Dangerous Man)? YES, as novels, not serialized seasons

Executive Toy Spinoff? YES… but sharks are much closer to done

Multiple Partner Billionaires (generally speaking)? YES

Fantasy Playland (Sleeping Lady)?  Not anytime soon, unfortunately

Dark Shifter Menage Novels (Luring the Pack)? YES, but months and months away

MMF Shifters? YES

New Standalones? YES

More audio versions? YES… but months away

And it must be said that standalone novels are more manageable for me these days. Series require intense concentration, and each real-life interruption makes for artistic chaos, setting me back weeks if not months. Even chocolate doesn’t help much. I know, right??? What this means is that I don’t dare start publishing stories with cliffhangers until the whole thing is basically done. So they’re in progress, but standalones will be faster.

Anyway, dear readers, that’s it for now. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for not burning me in effigy (or for real). While you’re here, please enjoy the glistening, rock-hard artwork 🙂


I swiped right because he’s hot, but I’m saving my heart for a billionaire shark


Sad news about ARE, and an Update

Hello, friends.

As some of you are aware, All Romance eBooks announced Wednesday afternoon that they’re closing for business as December 31st. That cracking sound you hear? It’s my heart breaking. For readers, it means (among other things) that you’ll need to try and download any books in your library that you haven’t grabbed yet.

By the 31st.

What I propose is this: if you’ve bought my books through ARE and no longer can access them, email me the receipts and I’ll see that you get copies.

In shark news, Rough Waves is still in editing. But there will be new books available soon, I swear it.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I think this week calls for chocolate. And maybe booze.

Warmest wishes for the new year,



These guys are definitely checking their ebook libraries…

Another quick update + educational video

Heeeey everyone,

An update now that my phone is sorted and I can log in to my WordPress account. I’m still in moving limbo (aka hell, and not a musclebound demon in sight, grrr), and can’t publish anything for a few more weeks. However, the next thing up will be this:


… Followed by a whole bunch of other stuff. I’ve also got some other news to share when I release that one. Exciting times!

During my intense research I came across the below video, which I feel has significant cultural value. You might have to click an “I’m an adult so show me the goods!” button.


Morality Clause (Lawyers Behaving Badly #5) Available!!!

It’s here!! The final story in the Lawyers Behaving Badly saga. As often happens with the final books in my series, it’s more than twice as long as the first book. And no, I’m not going to make the obvious joke… this time. 🙂

Next up: Shark Trilogy!!!! My life is a little crazy right now as I’m doing the moving thing (again, *sigh*). Book #1 has been more or less finished for ages; however, I’m not going to publish it until I’ve finished a rough draft of book #2. Otherwise there could be a long wait between them, and no one wants that. But can I just say how nice it is to revisit the world of white sand, turquoise oceans, yachts and… gifted shifters. Ahhhh.


MORALITY CLAUSE (#5) is a steamy office menage of 54,500 words. Includes hot doms, a bratty sub, deadly secrets, dangerous lies, and a happy ending!

Despite the diamond on her finger, Maisie’s future has never looked so grim. Her arch-rival wants revenge, and she knows Maisie’s secret.

Ethan Brennbach, Trent Banno, and Raphael Lattimore aren’t just brilliant lawyers. They’re also complicated, dominant billionaires. If they find out what Maisie did…

The gorgeous, powerful men love her enough to lay down strict discipline.

They love her enough to marry her for her protection.

But what will happen when they realize she’s not worth the trouble?

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Quick update + educational video

Hello my dears,

I was aiming for end of August/beginning of September for Lawyers Behaving Badly #5, but it’s going to be a little longer. Morality Clause is going to the first editors in a few days and for proofreading in a week, so I’m very confident that the book will be up for next weekend–not this coming weekend, but the one after.

To everyone who has emailed or commented to ask a question directly–I’ll be reading them all and will reply later this week. Skimming the queue, the most common questions are about Lawyers, Shark trilogy (it’s going to be the next thing published), and Dangerous Man (yes, there will be more books).

Lastly, enjoy the educational video. History is important!

Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day, and you’ll be hearing from me soon…


Private Chambers (Lawyers Behaving Badly #4) Available!!!

Lawyers Behaving Badly #4, for your reading pleasure. It’s a bit longer, but you can handle it. I believe in you!

Next up: A book! Probably more Maisie, Ethan, Trent, and Raphael, because they’ve all worked very hard for their Happily Ever After. 🙂 There is so much stuff in the pipeline. Yes, Sharks. Yes, bisexual alphas. Yes, standalone stories. Send chocolate–I’m gonna need it! Better yet, send photos of muscles. For, uh, research.


Naughty girls have all the funPRIVATE CHAMBERS is an office menage BDSM of 42,500 words.

Maisie’s dominant bosses won’t budge: for her protection, she must marry one of them immediately.

On paper, they’re perfect. Ethan Brennbach, Trent Banno, and Raphael Lattimore are rich, gorgeous lawyers. The powerful billionaires give Maisie exactly what she needs, from every angle imaginable.

But after overhearing them arguing, she knows the devastating truth.

They don’t want her, not forever.

Unable to tell them the truth, soon she’s acting out. But her bosses have their own carefully laid plans.

They will bring Maisie under control, one way or another…

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Quick update from RWA

Hello, everyone!

This is just a fast note to let you know that due to a host of reasons (holiday last week, Romance Writers of American National Conference this week, the fact that the book is much longer than the others), Lawyers Behaving Badly #4 has been stuck in editing the last couple of weeks, but it’ll be available on Wednesday.

Gotta run. But wanted to let you know IT’S THEY’RE COMING fast and hard. 🙂

Willful Violation (Lawyers Behaving Badly #3) Available!!!

Greetings, all! This note is late going out; internet problems continue to bedevil me, like Heather bedevils poor Maisie. I know you’ve been anxious to get this book, especially those of you who are studying them for MCLE (mandatory continuing legal education).

Next up… will likely be the next Lawyers Behaving Badly book. Why not Spencer and Tara? Because trying to hurry a shark is a bad idea, and it’s hard to type when my fingers have been gnawed on. We’re getting there, though, and I’ll have good news soon.


WILLFUL VIOLATION (Lawyers Behaving Badly, #3) is a steamy office menage BDSM of 32,500 words.

Maisie’s life is spiraling the drain. She wants to get her job back, but her rich, powerful bosses have ordered her to stay away from their law firm until things settle down.

Ethan Brennbach, Trent Banno, and Raphael Lattimore are dominant men who are used to being obeyed. Their decisions are final.

But when Maisie’s college rival sets her sights on Ethan, Maisie makes a tough decision, knowing she’ll have to accept the consequences.

Can she survive a punishment tailor-made for her, or is her pride too strong?


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Destroyed by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #12) Available!!!

Wanna know a secret? This book isn’t supposed to exist! Months ago I gave the cover artist the wrong title for the cover of #11. Faceplam. Rather than ask her to change the title, I bought another cover. The covers are so nicely matched, it had to be fate!

Destroyed takes place after Tormented (#11), and like the previous book, Corbin and Audrey work with the Stroop Finders team to solve a case.

Next up: Lawyers Behaving Badly #3. Apparently this is a holiday weekend, and my betas and editors are going off the grid. But the book will be up (*giggle*) in another week or so.

Happy reading, and happy holiday!


DESTROYED BY A DANGEROUS MAN (#12) is a steamy romantic suspense of 30,500 words. Standalone title, no cliffhangers.

The family business is in trouble, and bounty hunter Audrey Stroop is dying to get back to work. Her boyfriend, ex-assassin Corbin Lagos, is equally determined to keep her safe.

To do that, he’ll stay close, even if it means trying to keep his dominant nature in check.

When they team up to solve what should be an open-and-shut private investigation case, Audrey learns that being the boss isn’t easy. In fact, it’s almost impossible.

Did she really think a dominant, dangerous man like Corbin could ever truly submit?

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