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Another quick update + educational video

Heeeey everyone,

An update now that my phone is sorted and I can log in to my WordPress account. I’m still in moving limbo (aka hell, and not a musclebound demon in sight, grrr), and can’t publish anything for a few more weeks. However, the next thing up will be this:


… Followed by a whole bunch of other stuff. I’ve also got some other news to share when I release that one. Exciting times!

During my intense research I came across the below video, which I feel has significant cultural value. You might have to click an “I’m an adult so show me the goods!” button.


Quick update + educational video

Hello my dears,

I was aiming for end of August/beginning of September for Lawyers Behaving Badly #5, but it’s going to be a little longer. Morality Clause is going to the first editors in a few days and for proofreading in a week, so I’m very confident that the book will be up for next weekend–not this coming weekend, but the one after.

To everyone who has emailed or commented to ask a question directly–I’ll be reading them all and will reply later this week. Skimming the queue, the most common questions are about Lawyers, Shark trilogy (it’s going to be the next thing published), and Dangerous Man (yes, there will be more books).

Lastly, enjoy the educational video. History is important!

Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day, and you’ll be hearing from me soon…


Quick update from RWA

Hello, everyone!

This is just a fast note to let you know that due to a host of reasons (holiday last week, Romance Writers of American National Conference this week, the fact that the book is much longer than the others), Lawyers Behaving Badly #4 has been stuck in editing the last couple of weeks, but it’ll be available on Wednesday.

Gotta run. But wanted to let you know IT’S THEY’RE COMING fast and hard. 🙂

Halloween Surprises: Sculpted Treats

So I’m doing the final edits on what I’ve been calling, misleadingly, The Halloween Surprise. Misleading because the novel has nothing to do with Halloween–that was more about the timing of the release and because it’s supernatural. Ooooh. Anyway, it’s just a few days away from being ready, and I figured I’d share the cover.

Luring the Pack

But wait! What’s this second cover? That’s the novella I wrote for ARE’s Bound to be Naughty series. Like the other books in this post, it’s also a standalone. Actually, it’s a lot like the Take Me Hard books: innocent, broke heroine falls under the spell of a kinky, dominant billionaire. Except this one is longer. I’m not sure when in December it will be released, but here’s a link with the blurb.

Melted and Whipped

But wait! A third cover? Cleo, stop! We can’t take it anymore! Here’s the thing… You didn’t use your safe word, so now you have to stare at more manly chest. *Muahahahha* Tell me, can you not hear the ripping of his T-shirt? Excellent work, faceless male model. Excellent work. (Release date: in a couple of weeks. Title of my selection: “Completely fucked up and turned around and worked over by a Dangerous Man.” Or something like that.)

Possess: An Alpha Anthology

And on that note, I wish you all a joyous weekend full of sculpted, brawny treats.

Bounty Hunter update: Wednesday the 15th

We’re going into a holiday week but I wanted to make an update. I’m finished Desired by a Dangerous Man (yay!!) but it won’t be back from the editors until Sunday in a week (sniff). Leaving some wiggle room, it’ll be live the morning of Wednesday the 15th.

I hope you all have a safe, lovely holiday weekend. 🙂 Oh, if anyone sees this movie (I’ve got a family vacation, no studs allowed) please let me know how it is… Watch it twice if you need to… I want ALL the details!

News, Updates, etc


It’s halfway through 2015, and it’s time for status updates. First off, cue the inspirational Katy Perry song! I’m back to normal (well, my twisted version of normal) after some unexpected health problems last month that persisted up until a few days ago. The cure was worse than the illness, but it’s all behind me now. It feels good to feel good. Ahhh.

I mentioned at the beginning of May that I have news, and here it is: This fall I’ll be contributing to two separate projects. One is for ARE’s “Bound to be Naughty” which will be out for the holidays (though you probably figured that out from the photo above). All of the novels and novellas will be BDSM-themed.

The second project is a box set with another group of fantastically talented writers, some established and others emerging. I believe that will be out in late October or early November. Once my submissions are in the editing phase, I’ll share more details.

There have been some questions about the Shark series. Monroe and Koenraad–especially Koenraad–suffered a lot to earn their Happily Ever After, and I can’t take it away. But they’ll be featured in the Shark spinoff. Unfortunately, I don’t dare give an estimate for when this will be out. The same goes for the Executive Toy spinoff with Layla and the hot billionaires who will ease her troubles. I’d love to have all those books out this year, but there are several NEW things in the pipeline ahead of them. However, because I already outlined both projects, I do know that they’ll be trilogies.

The next titles that I’m publishing are By a Dangerous Man #9 and #10. When I publish #9, I’ll give an update on other upcoming projects, including standalone novels that some of you have been hoping for.

Be well, friends!