If Cleo isn’t writing (or reading!) erotica, she’s probably sitting on her balcony, watching the wind blow through the trees. She loves horses, snowstorms, and piña coladas. If she won the lottery, she would hire an assistant to take care of the technical side of e-publishing so that she could write all day.

Some random facts about Cleo:
1. Thinks life’s too short to forgo HEAs and HFNs.
2. Sprained an ankle joining the mile-high club. (Never again!)
3. Favorite writers include Cormac McCarthy, Junot Diaz and Rachel Caine.
4. Gets weak-kneed for bookish guys who know how to fix things with their hands. *swoons*

You can connect with Cleo on her Facebook Fan Page or on Twitter.



What happened to you/Are you dead/WTF, Cleo?

It’s a long and not very pretty story, but I am alive, so there’s that. And I agree totally, 100%. WTF, Cleo! I’m not going to bore anyone with the details (though I guess if you’re very curious you can ask privately) but I will be making a blog post update in the next few weeks as well as responding to emails, approving comments and yes, yes, giving an update about upcoming books.


My readers are clever because you’ve been figuring out how to email me. Or did I put my address (firstname.lastname@gmail) in the front of some books? Well, I still think you’re clever.

A few questions come up regularly, so I decided to make a FAQ.

When is the next book in [my favorite series] coming out?

Well, it depends. I know that’s a really pathetic answer, but let me try to explain. I write books of different lengths and with varying degrees of plot complexity. In general, the shorter titles or with less complicated story lines will come out faster.

The other influencing factor is how popular the series is. I love all of my books or I wouldn’t write them, but some series have (much) bigger audiences than others. The more popular books sometimes get released faster so I can keep the pantry stocked with chocolate. (It’s writer fuel. Can’t work without it!)

For the latest info, you can always go by the page dedicated to your favorite series. I reply to the comments every few weeks, and chances are pretty good that someone has asked when the next book is coming.

Why are new releases not at Apple (or Sony or Diesel) as soon as the other places?

I’m so sorry about this. Unfortunately, it’s an area where I have very little control. My publishing company has to go through a consolidator to get books to those stores. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Apple, and I’m working on a long-term solution.

What’s up with Google Play? Only some of the books are there. Don’t say it’s just a delay because I see the newest titles.

Yeah… about that. Google’s filters are extremely sensitive, and so far, half of my books have been blocked because of the blurbs. Some of them I just pulled, others I fiddled with and resubmitted and they seem to be fine (so far). So I’m taking my time uploading the older titles, doing it little by little, trying to make sure that each batch is acceptable before continuing to the next.

Hopefully it’ll get caught up and I can delete this question/answer one day.

Audio? Paperback? Translations?

I’m finally starting to get books in paperback. If there’s a series you want to see, Tweet at me or leave a comment and I’ll try to speed it up.

Audio is more complex, and it’s not on the agenda for the foreseeable future.

Translations are on the agenda, but they’re not a top priority. That could change if I get enough requests.

My favorite series is over, but I want more. Can’t you just write a few more?

Well… Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. It’s more likely that I’ll do a spinoff. But it’s useful for me to hear what readers want more of… It absolutely gets factored in when I’m deciding what new series to write. As for completed series, here’s a blog post that might make you smile. http://www.jpbarnaby.com/2014/09/24/guest-cleo-peitsche-gossip-ten-things-you-dont-know-about-my-characters/

Will you review ARCs? (Advance Review Copies)

Sorry, but I can’t.

I want to write erotica. Any tips?

Writing erotica is as much fun as reading it! My suggestion is to read and write nonstop.  Join a critique group. Read books on writing. Then read and write some more. I’ve been a writer for over a decade (even took classes in college), and I’ve concluded that Malcolm Gladwell is onto something with his 10,000 hours theory.

Like anything, there’s a learning curve, but erotica is a really fun genre, and I’m so excited that people actually want to spend time with my characters. Thank you!

What’s this about affiliate codes?

Some of the links on my blog have affiliate codes attached. That means that if you buy the book by clicking here, I get a little extra money for chocolate (and it doesn’t cost you anything).

Is it OK for me to email you?

I think it’s sweet when people email and ask this. Of course it’s OK, and I’ll try to write back, but I have to warn you that I get a lot of email, and stuff gets buried quickly. If you don’t hear anything in a month, try again.



14 thoughts on “About/FAQs

  1. I really like Audrey & Corbin, didn’t care for cruel pain sex sence in third book but otherwise their relationship is fun.

  2. I like the idea of continuing the office toy series. Have you ever thought of it coming as a box set with one price?

    • Thanks! I am going to write a few more in the fall… have them all planned in my head already. 🙂 As for the box set… it’s complicated. Amazon has weird rules and fees that make box sets a bit dangerous (especially as the page count goes up), but I’m going to look into it more later this year for sure! Thanks for reminding me.

    • Ohmigosh, I’m flattered you would ask this. It never even occurred to me. Putting it on my to-do list. Let me know if there’s one in particular you’d want autographed.

    • Yes. The first book is almost ready for editing, but I have to reread (for the millionth time) all the books in Monroe & Koenraad’s story, to make sure I didn’t break the world. That’s always the problems with spinoffs. I can’t give an ETA, but the good news is that once things get moving again, it’ll happen really fast. Sorry, but it’s coming, I promise.

  3. In your last newsletter I didn’t see any info on an upcoming Dangerous Man installment. Please tell me their story isn’t over.

    • Thanks for asking, Kristie. 🙂 There’s going to be a third season. It’ll be serialized, over five books (unlike the last two, which were standalones). I’ve started writing it, but I won’t be able to give it my full attention until January.

    • Aww, thank you Kiarnie. The plan is to get all the box, including box sets, available in paperback before the holidays. And some will be out in audio as well (in case you have a preference).

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