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Sad news about ARE, and an Update

Hello, friends.

As some of you are aware, All Romance eBooks announced Wednesday afternoon that they’re closing for business as December 31st. That cracking sound you hear? It’s my heart breaking. For readers, it means (among other things) that you’ll need to try and download any books in your library that you haven’t grabbed yet.

By the 31st.

What I propose is this: if you’ve bought my books through ARE and no longer can access them, email me the receipts and I’ll see that you get copies.

In shark news, Rough Waves is still in editing. But there will be new books available soon, I swear it.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I think this week calls for chocolate. And maybe booze.

Warmest wishes for the new year,



These guys are definitely checking their ebook libraries…


Melted and Whipped (for the holidays)!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Even to those of you who don’t celebrate it. I’m thankful for all of you, for your kind words of encouragement, and your indulgence when I get a little too excited about glistening muscular chests. (Ahh…)

What happens when a ski instructor gets a second chance with the sexy guy who broke her heart in college? She gets Melted and Whipped!

My special BDSM holiday book published by All Romance Ebooks is now available. ARE has been a fantastic group to work with, and I’m very excited about this story. It’s a standalone novella with a happy ending, similar in style to the Take Me Hard titles (except longer–28,000 words).

So make yourself a hot cocoa with extra whipped cream, and happy reading!


She’ll need more than a safe word to survive Porter Loughton.

Too broke to fly home for the holidays, ski instructor Emily is stuck on the slopes, giving lessons to the rich and the privileged. She doesn’t expect to see Porter Loughton, a former friend who broke her heart in college, ten years later and half a continent away. The mesmerizing billionaire suggests dinner, and Emily soon discovers how it feels to be bent across his knee, to be dominated by him. Their chemistry is hotter than in her dirtiest fantasies.

Emily knows it would be foolish to let him get too close after what happened before. She’s broke, her career nonexistent. The last thing she needs is to be in love with a man who doesn’t feel the same way. But when she receives distressing news, Porter is there to soothe her, and he won’t leave her side. Soon she has no control over her feelings.

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