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Series Summaries:

Office Toy follows the adventures of Elle, a talented young designer who wanders innocently into the office of three dominant billionaires. What starts as a 3-on-1 adventure turns into more than any of them expected.

The sexy men are: Cunningham, inscrutable, guarded, and sexy as hell. Jonathan, the laid-back stud with movie star good looks. And Nolan, whose spoiled, prep-boy demeanor drives Elle crazy. The men are completely different but complement each other perfectly, each one providing something essential that Elle craves.

There are 6 stories published, and the series is over; however, I’ve been getting enough requests for more that I’m considering adding a spinoff or something.

By a Dangerous Man: Audrey, a young bounty hunter, goes after a sexy but dangerous criminal in the middle of a blizzard. Corbin Lagos is complicated, and his secrets are… intense. Audrey loses herself in him, redrawing the lines between right and wrong in the process, and it destroys her life.

Full of twists and turns, this series is a reader favorite.

Part 10, which concludes Season 2, was published in 2015. There are two standalone titles (#11 and #12). I’m currently working on Season 3, which will launch in 2017.

Executive Toy: A billionaire office menage filled with suspense. Lindsay has been on the run since she was a teenager. If she stays still for too long, she risks being tracked down by a cruel villain.

Desperate for money, she kites some personal purchases on the corporate card of her new employer. She tries to flirt her way out of trouble but instead finds herself being spanked by a handsome stranger. And he’s got two equally sexy friends. Soon she’s in love with Hawthorne Tarraget, Romeo Wood Bison, and Chris Slade.

Lindsay knows it’s dangerous to let them into her life, but Romeo, Hawthorne, and Slade aren’t willing to let her go, no matter what.

The entire series is completed. A spinoff with Lindsay’s sister is in the works, as is a spinoff/story continuation from the points of view of the three dominant men.

The Shark Shifter Paranormal Romance Blurb coming soon!

Lawyers Behaving Badly: These dominant men love their creative punishments!

Maisie is a sweet but bratty new assistant at LB&B Law, where everyone has a secret or two. She’s not supposed to ask questions, but she can’t help snooping: how did Ethan Brennbach get that scar on the right side of his face?

Ethan Brennbach, Trent Banno, and Raphael Lattimore. Three gorgeous billionaire attorneys who aren’t above breaking the law. They immediately realize that Maisie needs a firm hand. Fortunately, they’re more than up to the task of training her.

Even a murder investigation won’t keep them from Maisie, and things soon become complicated.

The final book in the series is currently in progress and will be published in August/September 2016.

Fantasy Playland is raw, kinky fun. Georgia never pretended to be a good girl, and when she gets a chance to work at an adult theme park, she’s excited. Too excited to be a Sleeping Lady. Billy, the tall, dark-haired, muscular trainer, has his hands full with Georgia. She’ll never be a quiet, tame sexual partner, but it turns out she has much more valuable talents. Billy’s got a few tricks and secrets, too.

This series is now complete with 5 adventures, and there’s also a box set. A spin-off with Prussia and Sebastien could appear sometime in the future.

After Forever/Bisexual Billionaire follows the story of Kimberly and Samuel. She’s been in love with him forever, but she’s convinced he’s gay. He’s bi, but he doesn’t think Kimberly could fall for someone like him, so he encourages her confusion while secretly wishing he could tell the truth. When the rich, dominant Nelson enters their lives, everything gets turned upside down.

I nicknamed this the Hot Yoga Teacher series for reasons you’ll discover on the first page. It’s plotted as a threesome, I mean, a trilogy 😉 and all parts are now available.

Take Me Hard is a bit unique. I wrote them before I realized that readers prefer to get to know one couple (or threesome, or foursome) very well. Each story focuses on a different love story with different challenges, though the other couples do make cameos.

The first 3 stories are available as a bundle at some retailers. I’ve got 2 more stories outlined (taking the series total to 6), but these are low priority since all the stories are wrapped up at the moment.

Mistress Moi’s Slave Boys is pure erotica (though there’s a bit of an unconventional love story). Mistress lives in a mansion with 3 very submissive men. There’s Faye-Faye (his full name is Faye-Faye the dainty sissy boi), Loser John (who is way too hot for words, yum), and Chuck, the CEO who likes his humiliation with a cuckold twang.

I write these when I need to blow off steam, but now that each of the slaves has his own book, I’ve set it aside. I think about them a lot though. Maybe more than I should ’cause there’s a few of them hiding on my hard drive.

Bad Boyfriend: Ever wonder what would happen if you could take a crop to your partner for leaving dirty laundry on the floor? Cammy was a dominatrix in a former life, but since settling down with Rob, she’s straight vanilla. When Rob’s start-up company gets bought out, he begins driving Cammy up the wall with his lazing about the house and never helping out.

This story is a bit of an orphan, and I do get a fair number of requests from readers who want Cammy to inflict more BDSM lessons on Rob. I’d like to finish their story with either a long novella or a short novel.



9 thoughts on “All Series

  1. Hi Ms. Peitsche, my name is bj. I have now read almost all of your currently available books. You are a FANTASMAGICAL writer! You weave and develope your plot and characters with such finesse that I find myself drawn into the story and believing in the reality of the world you create. I also want to compliment you on your editing ang proofing, Refreshingly, I have not found one spelling or grammar error in any of the books that I’ve read to date. I personally would enjoy more BDSM elements in your novellas and series books. You have a very effective way of making those types of scenes feel as though they could really happen to even someone like me. The eroticism is so sensual and tastefully woven into the tapestry of plot. Please keep writing such enjoyable pieces of literature! Thank you!

  2. When will Layla’s story be published and will we find out what happens between her sister, Slade, Romeo and Hawthorne?

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