Sad news about ARE, and an Update

Hello, friends.

As some of you are aware, All Romance eBooks announced Wednesday afternoon that they’re closing for business as December 31st. That cracking sound you hear? It’s my heart breaking. For readers, it means (among other things) that you’ll need to try and download any books in your library that you haven’t grabbed yet.

By the 31st.

What I propose is this: if you’ve bought my books through ARE and no longer can access them, email me the receipts and I’ll see that you get copies.

In shark news, Rough Waves is still in editing. But there will be new books available soon, I swear it.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I think this week calls for chocolate. And maybe booze.

Warmest wishes for the new year,



These guys are definitely checking their ebook libraries…

10 thoughts on “Sad news about ARE, and an Update

  1. Not an ARe reader, but it sucks for authors and readers!
    Looking forward to new shark stories!

    Wishing you a happy New Year!

  2. Are you still gonna put books on Amazon kindle or no I’m waiting on more trapped by a  dangerous man books lol I’ve read a lot of your books an can’t seem to get enough 

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  3. Hi Cleo .. I’ve been wanting to start the Fantasy Playland series but google play doesn’t carry them. Any chance they eventually will? I can’t get enough of your books…you’re stories are so addicting :- )

    • Hello Ellie 🙂 The Fantasy Playland box set is on Google. After talking to a CS rep there, I’ll be uploading the individual stories as well. I think someone will be uploading the permafree (Sleeping Lady) very, very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for asking!

  4. Hi Cleo, juat wondering are there going to be more dangerous man series out im missing Corbin and Audrey!! im re reading everything again ❤

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