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Double Trouble: Two new releases!

Because someone whose name rhymes with Cleo can’t read a calendar, I’ve got two releases this week. One is the multi-author anthology! Eight books by some very talented writers for only 99ç. Yours truly contributed a NEW “By a Dangerous Man” story. If you’ve read both seasons, you’ll catch a few inside jokes, but I avoided references to certain recent events so as to avoid spoilers.

The second release is a standalone menage (4 guys, 1 gal) novel. No cliffhangers.

Next up is… Well, I think these will keep ya busy for a few weeks. 🙂 But it’ll either be a standalone novel or the start to an office menage trilogy.

LURING THE PACK is a steamy menage novel of 67,500 words. Contains BDSM elements of dominance and submission.

Luring the pack is barbaric and dangerous, but it’s Emmalina’s only hope.Luring the Pack

Twenty-one-year-old Emmalina knows all about trouble even before her addict sister signs their house over to the local wolf pack.

Desperate, Emmalina tarts herself up and ventures into wolf territory.

Her plan is simple: offer to lure the pack. Playing bait for a bunch of hot shifters is better than being homeless.

The wolves are even more brutal—and more refined—than rumored. Especially the cruel, dark-eyed alpha who looks into Emmalina’s soul and reads all her secret hopes. Armand is the most powerful alpha the pack has ever had, and it’s not in his nature to let her off easy.

But Emmalina’s hot, mysterious neighbors don’t approve of what she’s doing, and for good reason. What they’re hiding could save Emmalina’s life… or get her killed.

This book includes: Four hunky heroes, one heroine, dark forests and darker secrets.

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“Possess” is an anthology of 8 novellas. It will only be up for a couple of weeks, then it goes away. I’ll release my story separately at that time, and the intro price will only be available at stores where the anthology isn’t offered. From the bottom of my heart, I do apologize to everyone who has to wait.

Possess: An Alpha AnthologyJOANNA BLAKE – Bound To Me – A hardened cowboy, a spoiled Italian Countess and one night of passion that neither can forget.

CORA BRENT – Hicky – After seven years apart, one couple finds that lust conquers all.

LANA GRAYSON – Saint – No biker is ever given a second chance—he has to take it, especially when it’s his life, his baby, and his club at risk

JORDAN MARIE – Craved – Bad boy biker Sabre knows that sweet and curvy librarian Annie is his the moment they first meet, but can good girl Annie handle all of Sabre’s demands?

CLEO PEITSCHE – Tormented By a Dangerous Man – A desperate bounty hunter finds herself tricked by a dominant, bad boy billionaire.

WINTER RENSHAW – Bitter Rivals – Two rival Manhattan real estate brokers spend a weekend to remember in the Hamptons.

DG WHISKEY – Capturing Liberty – An aspiring model meets an enigmatic billionaire and falls into a whirlwind romance.

REBECCA YARROS – Point of Origin – After six years, Sebastian Vargas is home, fighting to restart the elite team of firefighters known as the Legacy Hotshot Crew, but it’s the girl he left behind that could leave him burned.

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