Another quick update + educational video

Heeeey everyone,

An update now that my phone is sorted and I can log in to my WordPress account. I’m still in moving limbo (aka hell, and not a musclebound demon in sight, grrr), and can’t publish anything for a few more weeks. However, the next thing up will be this:


… Followed by a whole bunch of other stuff. I’ve also got some other news to share when I release that one. Exciting times!

During my intense research I came across the below video, which I feel has significant cultural value. You might have to click an “I’m an adult so show me the goods!” button.


3 thoughts on “Another quick update + educational video

  1. Ms. Peitsche, I have read every book you have written that is available on my NOOK and was excitingly awaiting your new book. Imagine my chagrin to discover that the newest title is unavailable through Barnes and Noble. Do you know if your latest title “Rough Waves” will be available from Barnes and Noble, and if so would it still be on “discount” for your faithful followers? If you could let me know when I can enjoy this new, what I’m assume will be another “yummy” publication?
    Thank you in advance for your response,
    BJ Startup

    • Hiya, BJ Startup. Thanks for the comment. Very kind of you! The newest book actually isn’t out yet… It’s stuck in editing. But when it is published, it will definitely be available on B&N!

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