Willful Violation (Lawyers Behaving Badly #3) Available!!!

Greetings, all! This note is late going out; internet problems continue to bedevil me, like Heather bedevils poor Maisie. I know you’ve been anxious to get this book, especially those of you who are studying them for MCLE (mandatory continuing legal education).

Next up… will likely be the next Lawyers Behaving Badly book. Why not Spencer and Tara? Because trying to hurry a shark is a bad idea, and it’s hard to type when my fingers have been gnawed on. We’re getting there, though, and I’ll have good news soon.


WILLFUL VIOLATION (Lawyers Behaving Badly, #3) is a steamy office menage BDSM of 32,500 words.

Maisie’s life is spiraling the drain. She wants to get her job back, but her rich, powerful bosses have ordered her to stay away from their law firm until things settle down.

Ethan Brennbach, Trent Banno, and Raphael Lattimore are dominant men who are used to being obeyed. Their decisions are final.

But when Maisie’s college rival sets her sights on Ethan, Maisie makes a tough decision, knowing she’ll have to accept the consequences.

Can she survive a punishment tailor-made for her, or is her pride too strong?


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11 thoughts on “Willful Violation (Lawyers Behaving Badly #3) Available!!!

  1. Cleo!! I really do hope the next book comes out soon!!! Read the thirds allready and Im hooked on the story… That cliffhanger is killing me! Ok just really love this series too 🙂

  2. Can’t wait for the forth book and I hope there is a lot more in this series! When does the next one come out?

  3. Please tell me book 4 will be out soon. I don’t know how I found these but I read all 3 in one night. Sometimes I think Maisie is a push over, but I loved the last line. I finally feel like she is getting her backbone and I LOVE it! Right on Maisie! Please tell me this next book is already in production. Better yet, please tell me it’ll be out tomorrow.

  4. Just purchased lawyers behaving badly 4 I. Know your a very busy and may I say brilliant author. But have. You any idea when we can expect the. last book. Regards Maureen

    • Aww, you’re too kind, Maureen. I’m currently working on the final book and am hoping to get it out before the end of August. Hope you enjoy #4! 🙂

  5. Cleo!!! Just turned the last page this morning – reading Private Chambers! Damn you nailed it once Again!!! You almost had me in tears after the private chambers scene – and the line: you were pissed – and Maise’s reply – I was hurt!!! Those men are really highhanded now!!! I cant wait till Morality clause is out!!! Love those books!!

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