Halloween Surprises: Sculpted Treats

So I’m doing the final edits on what I’ve been calling, misleadingly, The Halloween Surprise. Misleading because the novel has nothing to do with Halloween–that was more about the timing of the release and because it’s supernatural. Ooooh. Anyway, it’s just a few days away from being ready, and I figured I’d share the cover.

Luring the Pack

But wait! What’s this second cover? That’s the novella I wrote for ARE’s Bound to be Naughty series. Like the other books in this post, it’s also a standalone. Actually, it’s a lot like the Take Me Hard books: innocent, broke heroine falls under the spell of a kinky, dominant billionaire. Except this one is longer. I’m not sure when in December it will be released, but here’s a link with the blurb.

Melted and Whipped

But wait! A third cover? Cleo, stop! We can’t take it anymore! Here’s the thing… You didn’t use your safe word, so now you have to stare at more manly chest. *Muahahahha* Tell me, can you not hear the ripping of his T-shirt? Excellent work, faceless male model. Excellent work. (Release date: in a couple of weeks. Title of my selection: “Completely fucked up and turned around and worked over by a Dangerous Man.” Or something like that.)

Possess: An Alpha Anthology

And on that note, I wish you all a joyous weekend full of sculpted, brawny treats.

22 thoughts on “Halloween Surprises: Sculpted Treats

    • Well… It’s out. I haven’t made the blog post yet because I’m waiting for Apple to get their act together, but it’s been a few days, so maybe it’s not happening.

      • I saw an ad on Facebook. Posses with some more. I’m going to check Amazon to see if I can find it. I don’t want the set, just the one by you.

  1. Dear Cleo;
    I love you like a sister, but the lack of dual-dicked, super yummy, fin boys from the sun-kissed beaches is forcing me to watch Ian Ziering perform heinous acts of sushi-ism in Shardnado 1, 2, and 3 just to get a fix!

    • Hahahahaha. 😀 Women who love sharks are dangerous…Why didn’t I predict that?? The weather isn’t quite cold enough yet, but I’m working on them. Maybe if people sent me pina coladas, that might help motivate…

      • What’s the address. I will have you wishing you never saw another one. As soon as you finish one, there will be another one for you.

    • Thanks Stephanie! There will definitely be more books, but I haven’t yet figured out if I’ll do a season or just some standalone stories. Maybe I should make a poll and see what you guys want to read.

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