Bounty Hunter update: Wednesday the 15th

We’re going into a holiday week but I wanted to make an update. I’m finished Desired by a Dangerous Man (yay!!) but it won’t be back from the editors until Sunday in a week (sniff). Leaving some wiggle room, it’ll be live the morning of Wednesday the 15th.

I hope you all have a safe, lovely holiday weekend. 🙂 Oh, if anyone sees this movie (I’ve got a family vacation, no studs allowed) please let me know how it is… Watch it twice if you need to… I want ALL the details!


28 thoughts on “Bounty Hunter update: Wednesday the 15th

  1. Have a safe and happy 4th of July and I plan to see it. That is to much man flesh to miss.
    We got that twin thing going again. I think about you and you post the next day.

    • 🙂 Happy 4th to you as well. Pleeeese take notes on the movie. If I don’t get to see it on the big screen I think I’ll die (whoever started this ridiculous rumor that women aren’t visually motivated, lol).

      • This movie was very good, however do not go with your friends after all of you have been drinking Apple-tinis while getting ready to go. Did you know some people don’t like when you are cheering, whistling, and shouting at the screen? They actually tell management on you. We had FUN.

        • Aw, man. I’m so jealous. I heard that when they showed the trailer in the 50 Shades movie, the audience started cheering. Did you see the first one? Maybe I can rent it to hold me over…

      • Guess what I got this morning from Amazon, Desired By A Dangerous Man. I am sooooo happy. Tonight is a Corbin and Audrey night. A bottle of wine, and my Kindle. YAY!!!

        • OMG!!!! Thanks for your comment Joyce! I was checking an hour ago and it didn’t show anything! But now I have it!!!!! Going to be a longer night for me! Thankfully I’m on vacation 😉

        • Woo-hoo! Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve been stalking Amazon all day, but you found it first. I really hope you like it (if not, drink more wine?).

          • I have to teach you all how to stalk. it around 9am. I took a peek at it and I won’t need the extra wine, but I’ll get it in case of snake bite. My friend said she’ll find a snake for me.

                • Ah… I suspected as much but wasn’t sure. There are such big gaps in my education. I’m glad you’re having fun after all the trials of the last year. It’s a good summer after all.

                  • It is a good one. I lost my aunt in June and my mom is doing chemotherapy, but we are closer because of it. (If that’s possible). We are helping each other out more and I love it.

                    • I’m sorry to hear about your aunt. And your poor mother. I know what you mean about it bringing you closer together. Yeah, you really do deserve to catch a break, my dear. Let’s hope all your bad news is in the past. *hands out hugs*

                    • Thank you for caring. My mom had her last chemotherapy treatment on yesterday. This year has shown us how strong we are as a family. So with all of the bad, it’s good to see all of the good. We’re doing it and I thank God that we were able to support each other. Thank you again. 😣

  2. YAY!!!! I’m having vacation time then, so this release date totally suits me 😀

  3. Have been champing at the bit for weeks!! I cannot wait. I’ve been rereading the last 8 books over and over. I love these characters.

    • Thanks! When I’m done the last one I’ll be making a poll to see if people are interested in a third season or not, so I hope you’ll weigh in.

      • I can answer that now; yes. We deserve a wedding, and at least 2 babies, Twins would be nice

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