Forbidden Fix (Executive Toy #6) Available!!!

More naughty fun from Romeo, Slade, Hawthorne, and Lindsay. It’s the last book, but I’ll be doing a spinoff trilogy with Layla (the sister) in the future.

Next up: By a Dangerous Man. I can’t give a date… a few health problems have slowed me down the last few weeks (I’m fine, don’t worry!) but I’ll finish it and get it up as quickly as I can. There are other projects underway, but I’m going to wait until I’m back to 100% to make the announcements. I also look forward to catching up on blog/Twitter in the next few days.

Hugs and thanks for your patience!


FORBIDDEN FIX (#6) is a steamy romantic suspense of 38,000 words. It’s the final story in the series and is over twice the length of the first story! Contains sexy billionaire bosses and menage romance.

Lindsay has made a terrible mistake.

Her billionaire bosses are ensnaring her grandfather in an elaborate scheme, but Lindsay knows it’s too late. By confronting her grandfather, she accidentally revealed the one thing he can use to control her: her sister.

She loves her bosses and her new life with them, but she won’t abandon her sister again.

Romeo, Slade, and Hawthorne are powerful men, and they convince her to trust them just a little longer. They won’t let anything happen to her.

Then, everything shatters again.

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10 thoughts on “Forbidden Fix (Executive Toy #6) Available!!!

  1. Clicked of course!
    And sorry to hear about your health. Hope things get back to normal soon *hugs*

    • Thanks for grabbing it, and for the happy release day wishes 🙂 I thought I was back to normal but I wasn’t. Pfft. Much better the last few days, and even back to writing. Yay!

  2. OMG!!! Cleo, you had me a little worried and on my edge for a bit! Geez, woman, you know how to get me hot and horny and needy!
    Great ending, although I’m a little sad.
    Hope you feel better soon and can write about Lindsay and her men (I guess it’s more than one or two 😉 )

    • LOL. I’m glad you liked it. I freaking hate ending series. Too much like saying goodbye to friends (friends I tortured, but friends nonetheless). Guess I’ll be sobbing when bounty hunter is over, lol. Thank you for being so supportive. I really appreciate it. 🙂

  3. Hope you’re still feeling better. Always stinks when we feel bad. Dealing with a knee that doesn’t want to let me move. Ugh!
    Now for the Executive Toy, can i say WOW?! Loved it all, from the kinky menage to the Sadistic BDSM, i thought the flow was perfectly written. Hawthorne catching Lindsey stealing & spanking her to the end scenes with Slade, Romeo & Hawthorne letting her know just how much They loved her. Adding the suspense of her Grandfather’s nonsense gave it all the heart thumping anxiety a good story needs. As i said in my review i have to go back & re-read the Office Toy Series, stopped after the first chapter.
    Good stuff Cleo! Thank you,


    • Yay! Thank you so much, Zoe, and I really appreciate your leaving a review, too. It’s super helpful to see what people like so I know to do more of it in the future. Adding this to my scrapbook!

      Ohmigosh, bad knees are the WORST and they take forever to heal. I hope yours is getting better, maybe is even back to normal already. Otherwise, maybe find a sexy physical therapist? Making lemons out of lemonade, lol.

  4. i can’t believe you are done with books. I have so many questions! Does she ever pick one of them over the other? What happens if she wants a family or a marriage? Do the guys ever get jealous? Does Lindsay love hawthorn more? Does their relationship change? Does Romeo truly love her?

    • Hi, Hannah. Let’s see… I can say that they never fight, they have lots of hot sex, and she gets spoiled forever and ever, the way it should be! (Also, the guys never lose their hair or get out of shape.)

  5. Hello Cleo, glad you are ok with your health now. I would like to tell you that I loved the Executive Toy’s books. Loved those three men and Lindsey. I would love to have one more book about then tellaing how they live together, how was the reaction of their families around this arrangement of the four of them living together. Maybe an unplanned pregnancy. It’s being hard say good bye to them.

    • 🙂 Thanks, Regina. I’m getting a lot of people asking me to find a reason to make another book. That would be hard, but maybe I will. If I do (and it would be way in the future), it’ll be a standalone story because all of Lindsay’s problems are solved already. So I’ll put on my thinking cap!

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