Pursued by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #8) Available!!!

Bounty hunter fans, this is for you! One caveat: the Amazon page isn’t fully working yet, but it should be soon. (Internet problems, or I’d wait to make the post.)

Next up: the final Executive Toy. And I’ll be doing an update post next week with some news. 🙂


PURSUED BY A DANGEROUS MAN (#8) is 33,500 words.

Bounty hunter Audrey Stroop returns from her trip to find that disaster has struck the family business… and it’s her fault.

She can’t focus on fixing the mess, not with the vindictive Henry Heigh back on the streets. Corbin has a way to solve the problem… by returning to his assassin ways.

Audrey’s relationship with the gorgeous billionaire is stronger than ever, but if she can’t stop Corbin from killing, she’ll lose him forever.

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18 thoughts on “Pursued by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #8) Available!!!

  1. When I saw a message from you, my heart skipped a beat. I have never been addicted to anything before but you have me hooked. Is this how a drug addict feels? If so now I understand.

      • I tried to start a fan page for you on Facebook but I don’t have anything to put on it…yet. As soon as I can get to my PC, I will fix it.

        • Aw, that’s really kind of you… making me blush here. I actually have a fan page that my part-time assistant is running (very part time). Not sure if I’m allowed to have more than one. Facebook has so many rules lately!

        • 6 years apart and it sounds like only the first one was natural. That says everything! I watched a few seasons of that show Call the Midwife. They should show it in sex-ed classes, lol. The actresses who have to pretend to be in labor are very convincing.

          • That’s something that that can’t be faked. I see it on TV and shake my head. You cannot pretend that amount of pain.

  2. Damn, Cleo, this story keep getting better and better, passion and the intensity in the story; once you start reading, can’t stop. LOVE IT…..next please. Thank you!

  3. I absolutely love this series, I am totally hooked. Already read #8 when will #9 be coming out. I. Ant wit to find out more about Corbin and Audrey!

  4. Oh man!!! I love this series. Audrey and i are so alike (minus the bounty hunter skills lol). You’ve really paired them up perfectly Cleo. I hope to meet my Corbin one day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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