April update


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It’s been two weeks, so I know some of you are wondering when the next book is coming. And maybe you’re wondering where I disappeared to. Lots of things going on, and it’s tax season (just in time to ruin spring for us, lol) and my stuff is spread out across boxes, across counties and states, across countries, planets, solar systems, galaxies… I think some of it escaped to parallel dimensions. Bastards.

But! (a firm, muscular but!) Executive Toy 5 is almost finished (a miracle) and will be out early next week. After that, it’s By a Dangerous Man, and I’m going to be working very hard to make sure it’s finished for the end of the month.





4 thoughts on “April update

    • Hello. I’m trying really, really hard to get it out by the 30th, but it might be a few days after. After that they’ll be coming faster now that one of my other series is finished.

    • Oh! Executive Toy #5 is out. For Dangerous Man #8, my editor won’t get it back to me until Tuesday afternoon, so it’ll get published sometime on Wednesday.

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