Shark Burn (The Shark Shifter Paranormal Romance #5) Available!!!

Well, dear readers, I joyfully announce the final book in Monroe and Koenraad’s saga! I hope you find it worth the wait.

Looking down the road a bit, there’s a trilogy spinoff with Tara and Spencer, and I’ve got another spinoff in mind as well. In short, more sharky goodness in the fall/winter!

Next up: Executive Toy #5 followed by By a Dangerous Man (Season 2 Episode 3).


SHARK BURN (#5) is a paranormal romance of 49,000 words. This is the final book in the series.

Are a shark’s instincts always right?

Curvy Monroe finds that being mated to a billionaire shark shifter is equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. Thanks to Koenraad’s crazy ex and the murderous shark he’s still hiding from the authorities, Monroe is spending more time looking over her shoulder than enjoying her new life.

Koenraad has the money and power to keep Monroe safe, but he can’t be everywhere all the time. He knows his instincts are good, but how can he help Monroe trust her gut when it keeps putting her in harm’s way?

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9 thoughts on “Shark Burn (The Shark Shifter Paranormal Romance #5) Available!!!

  1. I loved all these books, in fact love most of your series! Have to be honest though, and admit that I didn’t like the ending of this one. It’s to open for being the final one for this couple. I would have loved to see just a little more. Although if they are going to be a big part of the series with Tara and Spencer, I take it back!

    • Thank you! Oh, it was difficult to end this series. The world is just… so big (and even bigger by the end of the last book), but Monroe and Koenraad got their HEA, so I can’t really write more of their personal story. The good news? You’re right–they’ll definitely be featured in the spinoff. Tara’s going to need a support network to handle Spencer, who has secrets of his own. 😀

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