Trickiest Job (Executive Toy #4) Available!!!

I was able to get this published right before leaving town for a long weekend. (To visit family. But let’s all pretend I was doing something dirty and naughty, okay?) Some of you might have already picked up a copy, but if not, here ya go.

Next up: The final Shark Shifter book (*sniff*), at the end of the month. April will bring the next Executive Toy and the next By a Dangerous Man. (Hopefully it’ll also bring some nice weather. And hot billionaires in convertibles. And delicious, calorie-free cupcakes. Dream big!)


TRICKIEST JOB (#4) is an erotic romantic suspense of 22,500 words.

Lindsay has never been so alone in her life.

After a private investigator exposes her, she’s on the run once more. Her bottomless bag of tricks is empty, and she’s filling it to the brim with regrets and mistakes.

As danger builds, Lindsay can’t stop thinking about her dominant bosses. Maybe Romeo, Hawthorne, and Slade could save her.

Maybe… if they could find her.

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23 thoughts on “Trickiest Job (Executive Toy #4) Available!!!

  1. You know I’ve already got my copy, devoured it and left my review 😀

    The last Shark shifter??? *sniffs* let’s pretend an end is the start of a new beginning 😉 no pressure hehe
    Really looking forward to whatever you throw at us. it’s always more than worth the time! Hope your *coughs* naughty *coughs* time was fun and relaxing.

  2. Just read (EXECUTIVE TOY#4) and loved it so much but hope there is one more in this group. Can’t wait for the next shark shifter. Love your books so much . Thank you the hours of great reading.

  3. I’m extremely disappointed that Shark Burn wasn’t released as promised… At first it was mentioned it might be out mid to late February… then possibly mid March… then that it would be out end of March.
    Checking in with Amazon every day got stale really fast… so very disappointed. It really is a fabulous series.

  4. maybe if your books were really “BOOKS” and not the size of chapters, the read would last longer and give you more time to write. Love your stories and your characters, just would like the books to be a bit longer. Will not promise you that I will continue to read your series in the future but would read/buy a stand alone book with more than 20 pages.

    • Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion! What I’ve found is that my shorter books outsell the longer ones–by a very wide margin. Many (but obviously not all) readers prefer this length. Unfortunately, I can’t sit down and write something of X number of pages. Whenever I try to make a book shorter or longer than it wants to be, I always end up having to throw it away. Always. This is why some of my books are 5x as long as others. The story and characters decide the length.

      As for Executive Toy, these books are in the 20k range (100 pages, not 20). If you prefer something longer, I can suggest the By a Dangerous Man series. If you want even longer, the Shark Shifter series. The first book in those series is FREE. Many of my books are also available on Scribd or Oyster, included in the cost of a subscription. You could also ask your public library to get copies, which you could borrow for free. If you’re on Amazon, I make all my books available for the purchaser to lend a limited number of times, so a group of friends could buy and share if they wanted. (Many writers disable this option.) All this to say that there are options.

      If I lose you as a reader, I understand, and I’m honored that you spent even this much time with me and my crazy characters. 🙂

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