Dangerously Big (Executive Toy #3) Available!!!

Gals and guys… it’s here! Romeo, Slade, Hawthorne, and Lindsay! Phew. There were some serious delays at one of the biggest retailers, but it’s finally live.

Next up: Bounty Hunter (later this month). March will bring more Executive Toy as well as the final Shark story. And as some of you know, I’ve been working on a little something on the side… I hinted it would be out for Valentine’s Day. Well, I should have specified 2016, not 2015. LOL. No, no, it’ll come out in March or April.


DANGEROUSLY BIG (#3) is an erotic romantic suspense of 21,000 words.

Working for Romeo, Hawthorne, and Slade is a challenge, but the dominant men give Lindsay exactly what she needs. Even though Hawthorne continues to drive her insane, she’s happy with her new life.

But when a stranger with a gun steps out of the shadows, Lindsay realizes that happy is dangerous.

Happy will get her killed.

A woman with Lindsay’s past doesn’t have the luxury of waiting for a knight on a white horse. She’ll have to settle for an arrogant, condescending billionaire… one whose goal has always been to get rid of her.

Desperate women don’t get easy choices.

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22 thoughts on “Dangerously Big (Executive Toy #3) Available!!!

  1. You evil thing!!!! lol Just clicked it and can’t wait to read it!!!!! 😀

    Oh and you are such tease!

    • Well someone has to make things unnecessarily difficult. LOL. But you probably know what the secret is–another Office Toy. Whenever it’s done will be a surprise to everyone… including me.

      I hope you enjoy Lindsay and the fellas, and I’m really sorry that you had to wait–it was published on the 5th. Amazon has been so slow the last few weeks. I like to think they’re redoing the store to send me a never-ending supply of chocolate. Could be!

      • on the 5th???? damn, but then again there were some authors who had the same problem.

        anyway, we got it now and can enjoy it. will go on during lunch break and then finish tonight!

        Hope you get your never ending chocolate supply 😉

      • Please tell me there is a part 4. I just can’t see you ending this story with so many unanswered questions yesterday I purchased all six books in your office toy series and read those. Today I had to have the executive toy series.I’m hooked.

  2. Well you certainly did not disappoint with Dangerously Big. I enjoyed it as much as the first two. Your fellas as you call them are one hot three-some.
    I. Recommend not reading the book just before bedtime because you won’t be able to sleep. I felt like Lindsay with Romeo, lol.

  3. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, that was so fucking hot again!
    and yet, you left us with more questions than answers!
    Reviews are up on goodreads (uncensored) and on amazon (censored) 😉

  4. A cliffhanger before going to sleep… I think I’m gonna cry!
    But I fucking love Hawthorne! And now that I officially turned into an executive toy junkie, I just need to know one thing….. when’s my next fix?

  5. I love you books.I just finished the three books in the Executive Toy. I could’t put them down. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Thank you for all the hours off enjoyble reading.

  6. please tell me that the new one will be out this week??? I’m too impatient!!!! brilliant reads, but I need to know what’s going on! only discovered your books last month and ive read so many but these are by far my favourites! xxx

  7. What Is taking you so long for Forbben Fix, you’re killing us with the anticipation. Can’t wait to read if Lindsey’s grandfather gets his due, and of course I need more of Harthorne Romeo and slate.

  8. What Is taking you so long for Forbben Fix, you’re killing us with the anticipation. Can’t wait to read if Lindsey’s grandfather gets his due, and of course I need more of Harthorne Romeo and slade.

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