Blood in the Water (The Shark Shifter Paranormal Romance #4) Available!!!

More shirtless muscleguy with ocean in the background! And another warning about one of the scenes… Keep your smelling salts handy! (As someone who once wrote 8-on-1, I don’t say that lightly.)

Next up: Executive Toy #3 followed by By a Dangerous Man (Season 2 Episode 2).


BLOOD IN THE WATER is 44,000 words.

Even though their world is crumbling, Monroe only wants more of Koenraad. She knows it’s dangerous to keep tempting him, but she can’t help herself.

Koenraad struggles against his shifter urges while he tries to fix the life-and-death disasters piling up on his doorstep. If Monroe knew what he was capable of, she’d stop her dangerous games.

He doesn’t want to damage the beautiful human who stole his heart, but there’s only so much teasing a shark can take.

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23 thoughts on “Blood in the Water (The Shark Shifter Paranormal Romance #4) Available!!!

  1. You definitely know how to sweeten my birthday 😀 Happy Release Day!!!!
    Started at lunchtime…every time the mating scene is mentioned, it gives me tingles and I hope for another round 😉

  2. I love this book!! I can’t put it down until it’s finished. Now my problem is – I need #5 🙂 – LOL I know I’m addicted. So seriously – when do you expect/predict # 5- shark shifter will be available? XOXOX.
    FAN 4 LIFE. 🙂

    • 🙂 Aww, shucks. Thank you! So right now I’m trying to get #5 (which is the last one) out in February, but March is a safer bet. I’ll know for sure by the 15th.

      • We just cannot wait that long, lol!! I’ve re-read the series three times now since #4 came out!
        The wait is killing me! 🙂

        • I should ask you when I have a question about details from the first few books, lol. Well, it’s been so cold and snowy. I wish I could go to the Caribbean for inspiration. Then it would get done faster (or much, much slower, lol).

          • We, your adoring public, will be forced to lock you in a room with your muse and feed you through a slot in the dungeon door if we’re made to wait too much longer, LOL!!!

            • Actually, if someone feeds me, that doesn’t seem like a bad deal! (BTW, my muse looks like a three hot guys. Don’t wanna get locked in with a lady in a toga!)

  3. Omg! I just caught up on the last two books in this series and it just keeps getting better and better! You never cease to amaze me with your storytelling. The last scene in the book when he tells her to lie down as to not let his semen escape reminds me of a particular scene in the Office Toy series.… keep up the amazing work and I look forward to the next masterpiece!
    P.S. I hope you consider another Shark shifter series in the future.

    • 🙂 Thanks! Best hashtag ever, BTW! Love it! And there will be another shark shifter series. I’m thinking a trilogy for the friends, plus a spinoff that I can’t say anything about without spoiling Shark Burn (the one that isn’t published yet).

  4. Please consider on extending Shark shifter. This so far is my most favorite of your books. I will understand if you don’t.
    Thank you for the great reads.

    • Aww, thank you!! I don’t think I can extend this one just because the plot will be all wrapped up. BUT I’m going to do a trilogy with Spencer and Tara, and I’ve started plotting a separate spinoff. I’m going to make a poll about it to ask you guys sometime in March.

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