Dared by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #6) Available!!!


SERIES REBOOT! Remember Audrey and Corbin? That’s right, the bounty hunter and her assassin are baaaack! This is the first book in Season 2, aka book #6. Keeping this note brief as I’m working hard on the sequel to Executive Toy…


DARED BY A DANGEROUS MAN (#6) is 32,500 words.

When assassin Corbin Lagos chose Audrey over his career, she believed nothing could come between them. But a stranger’s disturbing news, if true, will take Corbin away forever.

Her twin brother convinces her to invest everything in the family bounty huntingbusiness even as she secretly accepts her first private investigation case.

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57 thoughts on “Dared by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #6) Available!!!

  1. I’ve just read the list of your books and I already want to strangle you!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO ME?????? LOL
    I know I’ve asked for more of Corbin! But with that many books to come, I know you will torture me!!!! You’re so mean! hahahaha
    But truly, I can’t wait to read them all and see where this is all going!

    Much love xoxoxoxoxo

          • Welcome to Cleo’s mean streak! Once again shows to be careful what you wish for lol but really, they are so worth the torture! 😉

            • I would never say something like that. I know that even though you are an author, a very good author, you have a life. I am so sorry that anyone would treat you that way

              • Joyce, please don’t get me wrong 😦 I don’t mean it in a rude way. It’s total love I have for Cleo’s books and she knows I only make fun.
                I know written words can be misunderstood sometimes.
                Really I do love each and every book of Cleo and she’s great!

                • I was so shocked to read your comment. The soldier in me came out. It’s a hard to keep it in at times. The Army trained me and I can’t forget it.

              • Thank you for coming to my defense, but I’m afraid it was a false alarm… I’ve told Cassandras that these books are part of my evil plan to take over the world and that I’m trying to torture my readers. It’s all in jest, so please don’t worry 🙂 Though the guy who has the shared driveway with my mom never hears me knocking at the door when I need to get the car out. Can you do something about him? LOL. Love you to pieces, you know 🙂

                • LOL, I need him name and number, I’ll get him for you. But seriously, I have been a soldier for so long, it a part of me. We were trained to defend the people of the US from every one foreign and domestic. I getting better at some things, but not doing to well with otthers. I would defend Cassandra if it was needed. #U.S.Military#

          • Mission Control; we have a problem. We need the next book ASAP. This one only makes you want more. PLEASE don’t make us wait to long. Over and out! 10-4, adios, and sayronata.

  2. (In my little girl voice) I got my babies! I got my babies! I . GOT. MY. BABIES! It feels like Christmas.

  3. Oh.My.God. Seriously!? This ending was pure torture, I feel completely incomplete now. I desperately wanted more Corbin and Audrey and you certainly delivered, but now I have to wait, again, for the next one. Aaah, waiting is so painful, but at least you always make it worth it 🙂

  4. There you go!!! http://www.amazon.com/review/R6W3E3LF8SKMK
    But seriously…SERIOUSLY????? I truly believe you’re sitting in your chair, writing, thinking “how can I drive her out of her ever freaking mind now!” with an evil laugh!

    You know what I would do, if it wouldn’t cut the chances to get more books from you and hopefully a HEA for Corbin and Audrey, Koenraad and Monroe, Lindsay and her guys! *huffs*
    You have me soooo hooked again with your writing! You are amazing Cleo!

    I hope real life is getting a little smoother now so you can do what you are so good at…writing! And driving me nuts 😉

    Much love and respect! xoxoxo

    • Cassandra, I want the next Executive toy too. I have found out that if I read another author’s book, I am disappointed. She has absolutely ruined me for any one else. I’m reading “By A Dangerous Man’ series, “Executive Toy” and the Shark Shifter” series. I started the one with the sleeping ladie by haven’t read but one.
      She is amazing!!!
      I got my book and got sick that night (Dared By A Dangerous Man) so I couldn’t start it until today.

    • Love your review. Thanks for letting me know you wrote it!! Sounds like I’m safe so long as there’s one ongoing series. You’re only encouraging bad behavior, you know 🙂

  5. OGM! Cleo….you contue to amaze us with Audrey amd Corbin. This story was full of emotions, crye, laught, tense, passion, lust…..you name it. I can’t wait for the next one….worth the wait. You done it. Thank you and enjoy the Holidays!!!!

  6. Miss Cleo I loved this book!!!! Now….. while we are waiting on the next one, can you pretty please serve up the next book to executive toy ma’am. It would be a great Christmas gift. Just saying. Lol..

    • Yay! Thrilled to hear this. I should have gotten Executive Toy #2 out before I went off for the holidays. But it’s finished and will be out by Friday. Danged New Year’s Eve/Day getting in the way.

  7. Hi Cleo…this is my first time writing on someone’s blog…..but I just wanted to let you know that I love your ‘Dangerous Man’ series! Great characters and plot. I was wondering how soon the next installment will be out. I am waiting patiently but it’s getting hard! Lol!

        • I am in the VA hospital in Augusta GA, I had surgery two weeks ago and so for everything is good. I’m waiting for the next book. By A Dangerous Man or Executive Toy.

          • Ack!!! I’m glad to hear everything is fine. Sending huge hugs. Better yet, sending hunky guys with hugs. Get well soon (that’s an order, though I’m a civilian so you can ignore me).

            • Thank you and please send the hunks. That’s an order that I will gladly take. It’s better than some of the others that I have gotten. Thanks! 🙂

                • I am home but I am weaker than I expected to be. But I have only been here since Thursday. So I will get there eventually. I don’t like having to depend on others. Waiting for the next release. If doesn’t matter if it’s Executive Toy or By A Dangerous Man. I am ready. But I have to admit I prefer By A Dangerous Man.

    • Georgia, I feel so special 🙂 I’m thrilled you’re enjoying Corbin and Audrey. The next one will be out in February for sure. I can’t give an exact date bc I’ll have visitors, and they tend to slow everything down. Thank you so much for coming by 🙂

    • Giving me compliments always makes me write faster! 😀 Thank you, seriously. And it’s out (in case you didn’t see my blog updates). I’m doing the mailing list tomorrow with all the links.

  8. Just finished reading “Broken”! Loved it! Dare I ask when # 8 will be coming out? I think ‘Dangerous Man’ is one of the best series out there. Keep those books coming Cleo!

    • Yay!!!! So thrilled to hear it. To answer your question, I’m going to estimate it’ll be the end of April. Sooner if I’m able to be productive while traveling.

  9. when does the releasing of pursued by dangerous fan protected by dangerous man when are the releasing of these like dates??? Just curious about it the date releasing Thank you 🙂

  10. When is the release things of broken by a dangerous man in the series all the books dates of the releasing thank you

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