Oceans Untamed (The Shark Shifter Paranormal Romance #3) Available!!!

If you ever wanted to read a book with a yacht, a shark, and a muscle guy on the cover, today’s your lucky day. Shark #3 is here! Woo-hoo! So you know, there’s a pretty intense love scene. (Don’t blame me. I just write what happened.)

Next up is… Dangerous Man #6!! (No exact publication date yet. I’ll have a better idea in a week.)


OCEANS UNTAMED is an erotic romance of 44,000 words.

The extreme measures billionaire shark shifter Koenraad took to save Monroe’s life has made her a target. She needs the shark’s protection more than ever, but when the truth surfaces about the identity of her attacker, she’s too hurt to trust the only one who can help her.

Years of lies and double lives close in on Koenraad with the discovery of a crime scene. He’d thought he had nothing left to lose, but he was wrong. Sexy, curvy Monroe might be the love of his life. Keeping her close is selfish, but letting her go is impossible. Staking his claim feels right, but would it be fair to bind her to an illusion?

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24 thoughts on “Oceans Untamed (The Shark Shifter Paranormal Romance #3) Available!!!

  1. I shouldn’t tell you how much I hate you for all the twists and maybe just tell you how much I love you. Maybe you stop torturing me and give me more MATING!

    HOLY SHIT!!!! I LOVED how you put the story between the hot stuff. And all in between the beginning and the end? Geez! You have me on the edge and I’m already scared what comes next! But also looking forward to more double pleasure 😛
    The MATING!!!! You are fabulous!!! AWESOME!!!!

    • Can you tell that I was missing writing the multiple partner stuff when I thought up this series? *snickers* SOOOOOO happy you enjoyed. My first beta was kinda shocked, but then my second beta loved it (otherwise I’d be passing around that scene by email only, lol).

      Really, really happy you liked it!!! 🙂

      • You know I love your multiple partner stuff as well 😉

        Am really hooked to that series! So fucking glad the mating scene stayed in the book! Why was your beta shocked???? I’m getting horny just thinking about it!
        So so love this! 😀

        • 😀 I don’t think they thought it would actually happen. Like it was going to change at the last minute to something milder. But they saw us talking about it here and said they still want to beta the rest of the series, so it can’t have been that bad, lol.

          • I would beta for you, but you know my only comments would be “no drama, more mating” lol You are doing a great job and obviously have some good betas!
            I would have hated you so bad if you haven’t put the mating in that one the way you did! All this screwing around the good stuff and then just some simple mating? Hell no!

  2. Luv luv luv!!! This series ….when will #4 be out ???? The suspense is killing me…can’t wait to read more from u…have enjoyed all Ur stories and am looking forward to much more=)

  3. Any idea when Dangerous Man #6 will be available!?!? I am trying to be patient but the waiting is killing me 🙂

      • No worries 🙂 Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I’ll just keep checking my inbox 5 times a day till it’s posted lol You have very dedicated fans, I hope you know how amazing a writer you are 🙂

  4. I have fallen in love with the shark shifter series and just finished book 3,( a great read and series). I’m hoping that you plan on writing another book or two for the series and can’t wait till later in the new year to see.

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