Update: nothing to see here

***update2: Thanks to a USB modem (I feel like I’m in 2009!), I was able to get it up (snicker) everywhere. Right now it’s live at half the stores. I’m leaving the blog post b/c it happened, dammit, and I must embrace my failure and shame. 🙂 Thanks for bearing with me, friends.***

***update: Going to the backup plan tomorrow afternoon.***

This is a very fast PSA for anyone who might be looking for Shark #3. The good news is that it’s finished. The bad news is that I’ve got really, really, reallllly slow internet for another week. So slow that I avoid going online. Aaaand… it’s not letting me upload the covers. I’m going to take a break, maybe have a drink, and try again in an hour.

You’ll know it worked if this blog post disappears. Fingers crossed. (The backup plan is to use a friend’s internet tomorrow.)

I’m so sorry to anyone who’s waiting.


12 thoughts on “Update: nothing to see here

  1. OH PLEASE!!! You like to torture us 😉
    But really, take it easy! I would even wait another week if I have too! We all know what you are through at the moment, so breathe and don’t stress about it, please!

    Your books are worth the waiting! 😀

    Much much love xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • This time I’m being tortured more, I think. Well, I’m taking your advice and will deal with it tomorrow. And to torture you I can say… there’s no huge twist in the last five pages. *evil laugh* 😉

  2. Just found your shark books and I think I’m in love. Never thought I would say that about a shark 🙂

  3. hahahahahaha thanks for that you evil bitch!

    But really take it easy. means my heart is protected from that a little longer 😉

    I’m off to sleep. it’s past midnight already for me! xxx

  4. Oh bugger, We have a farm in the middle of no where in Australia and no internet and I’m away for 3 days doing cattle work. So I will be having shark fantasy’s all weekend. Ahahaha I might have to go to our muddy dam and pretend. Hope you have some good luck!!!!!

    • Aw, man, that sucks. I’m really sorry! A bit off topic, but if you get to ride horses all day, I’m sooooooo jealous. Middle of nowhere? *sigh* Wanna switch jobs? I’ll be very nice to the cows, promise!

  5. I HAVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will start tonight and then it’s going to help me over the one hour bus drive to my parents tmw!

      • I have to read it on the bus! My ass belongs to my parents the next weekends as they just bought a house and we have to do some renovation 😀 totally excited about it!

        Anyway I will read it every chance I get! I know I will regret it anyway. but there’s always reread of the good stuff in private 😉

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