New Series: Executive Toy (Executive Toy #1) Available!!! (And Shark Shifter update)

First book in the new office hanky panky series!! Intro price, of course. It went up last week but I didn’t have time to talk about it before today… busy packing. You know the worst part? Nothing thus far has inspired a “hunky moving guy” story. Can’t catch a break!

Okay, so next story will be a new Shark Shifter for the 5th, then By a Dangerous Man later in November.


EXECUTIVE TOY is an erotic BDSM menage of 18,000 words.

To stay alive, Lindsay has relied on her looks and her wits. It’s not always enough, and underneath her carefully polished exterior is a desperate woman who will do anything to survive.

When she’s called to account for her misuse of the company credit card, she hopes to flirt her way out of trouble. Instead she finds herself faced with a gorgeous stranger who is immune to her manipulation, and she’s shocked by the punishment he deals out.

No one in the office can tell her who the stranger is, and when she encounters him again weeks later, things take another unexpected turn… times three. Three handsome, rich businessmen. In their arms, she almost feels safe.

But she knows the truth: safe is an illusion, and staying alive is all that matters.


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21 thoughts on “New Series: Executive Toy (Executive Toy #1) Available!!! (And Shark Shifter update)

  1. Am sure it’s more than just a hanky panky 😉 and yes, I bought it!!! Can’t wait to read it and give some feedback! You know I love my gangbangs! So this better be good!

    So, the next Shark Shifter is due on Nov 5th? Is that correct?

    Hope packing is making progress!

    • You made me spit water all over the screen!! Well, you know I love them, too (probably not a secret, lol). For Shark Shifter, I’m giving myself until the 5th, but it might pop up earlier. If it does, I’ll immediately tweet it so you don’t have to keep looking for it. (sorry about that!)

      • OMG!!!! Every time I read your menage books, I get more and more needy! yes NEEDY! It’s such a craving, it physically hurts!
        But it’s so so good! And also the story around the story is great! I’m not assuming anything anymore! You fooled me way more times already lol

        And on another note: your writing gets better and better with each book.

        • Amen to that. It gets better with each book. The Queen of BDSM. I have read almost every one of your books and love all of them.

        • That’s such a huge compliment. Thank you!! I’m glad you’re liking that series. Don’t worry… it doesn’t have many twists. Gotta have lots of page space for all the you-know-what, lol.

  2. I got mine, but my bottom lip won’t come back to nowmal. So I guess I’ll be pouting until I get my present.

  3. Hot and so sinfully written. When is the next installment due out??? I think this is going to be the best series yet.

    • Thanks. I had a blast writing it. The next one is in-progress. I’m not doing these on a set release schedule bc I want them to remain light and fun and spontaneous, but it’s not gonna be 3 months away or anything.

  4. Please tell me there will be an executive toy #2!!! I was so sad it ended after that steamy threesome! I need to read more about her & her past & what happens further with Hawthorne, romeo, & slade!!! Please tell me you’re writing a 2nd because this will be my new series

  5. Great, because I loved it!! Executive toy was my first read by you, and I’m really looking forward to reading next one in the next couple of weeks (hint hint)

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