Seduced by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #5) Available!!!

It’s finally here! The last book in Season One!! After some publishing delays on some platforms, Book #5 is now available almost everywhere.

It’s almost twice as long as Book 1, so leave yourself a bit more time to read it. There are no cliffhangers. And yes, New Release–99¢. Thank you all for the tweets and comments and reviews. It means a lot!

Season 2 launches later this year. 🙂

In case you missed it, there’s a new series starting in August. From the announcement: “I’ve got a really romantic shape shifter series I started a few months ago, but because I can’t follow the rules, there’s a twist. He’s not furry, and he’s not part of a pack. Imagine: white sand, clear blue water, gorgeous lonely billionaire, yachts… and sharks! Yes, the hero is a great white shark. Someone needed to do it! ”




SEDUCED BY A DANGEROUS MAN is an erotic romance of 57,000 words.

When Corbin doesn’t return from his latest assignment, Audrey blames and punishes herself, convinced she pushed him away. Fed up with the lack of control in her life, she and her twin brother devise a risky plan to get rid of the manipulative Henry once and for all.

But Corbin’s return changes everything, and Audrey must decide if she can accept the things Corbin has done to buy their happiness.

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25 thoughts on “Seduced by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #5) Available!!!

  1. Thank you for another great book and worth the month to read it. I must read this series again while we wait for what is to come in the fall. Thank you, Cleo. Keep on writing.

  2. Thank you for a great series. I love, love, LOVE your writing and can’t wait for the next series. I would love to know when the shapeshifter series is released. You’re an awesome author! 🙂

    • Awww! Making me blush. 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind and encouraging words and for coming by. I’ll definitely post here when the shapeshifter book is out, and it’ll go to the mailing list, too.

  3. I am in love with Corbin Lagos. I know that might not sound to good since he is a character in a book. But I mean every word, I AM IN LOVE. Now I have to find a man that’s like him or I want to be Audrey. Please tell me that it’s not over.

    • Hi! Hope you’re managing with the heat, or even getting a break. Oh, but Corbin’s not a character… he’s real! LOL. There’s going to be a second season. 🙂

      • Since he’s real, I want him(Lol). I am so happy that this is not the end. I will be waiting for the next one. It’s still hot but they say that soon we will be in a cold front. So instead of the 90’s, we will be in the 80’s. Yesterday we had a heat index of 103′ and we’ll be the same toady. So thank God for the cold front.

  4. Cleo, have read, re-read, and read again all 5 books in this series! I love Corbin and Audrey, they both have traits unique to them and to any other characters I’ve read. I couldn’t wait for #5 to be released and find myself…excited, happy, in love, and disappointed at the same time. I do not want that series to be over and am glad there will be more from Corbin and Audrey. I don’t feel like Seduced had enough of Corbin in it. While I loved getting to know Audrey a little better, when Corbin finally showed up I wanted more from the both of them, but felt a little cheated. The book ended too soon. I hope it won’t be too long of a wait for their next chapter 🙂 That being said, I am so glad I discovered you as a writer and am a huge fan! Would love to hear back about what I can expect with the next Corbin/Audrey adventure.

    • Hi! Glad you enjoyed them enough to re-read them. Don’t worry, there will be LOT more Corbin in the next season because… Oh, I’d better not give anything away. 🙂 I haven’t worked out the release schedule yet because I might have to move in the next few weeks, but I’m thinking late October is most likely. I’ll definitely keep you posted!

  5. Was very satisfied with the last installment of the book (except how long it took for Corbin to finallly show up again!) but I’m definitely happy to know there’s more Corbin & Audrey coming! I love their chemistry so much. Can’t wait for season 2!!!

      • It did take him a long time to show up and like Audrey, I was waiting patiently. But when he did come into the story, game on. No one has his intensity. He beat up a car. A c.a.r! I loved it.

  6. I loved Book 5, and like others, have read and reread the others multiple times. I love Corbin and Audrey’s story, but I’m also wondering if we’ll get to learn more about Rob and his life.

    • Thanks 🙂 There will definitely be more of Rob’s story to come, and depending how things go and if people get tired of reading about them, possibly a lot more. One way or another, he deserves and will get a happy ending, too.

  7. Hey 🙂 Your Corbin and Audrey series is some SERIOUSLY kinky “ish”! I know next to nothing about BDSM and yet was highly turned on by your world/mind. It’s a bit frightening yet intriguing to know that such love acts exist. I agree with some of your readers about Corbin’s long overdue entrance (for which I would have punished him for) (but the reality is..NOT!) 🙂 yet and still, I did receive it as a bittersweet ending. I will definitely keep you in my favs…especially if your into shifters/werewolves.
    P.S. quick question tho…why BDSM? what about it made you elaborate this story? If you don’t mind my asking…

    • Thanks! I really tortured everyone with Corbin’s delayed appearance. There will be LOTS of him going forward because now they’re together. As for the BDSM, all my stories have at the very least some dominant/submissive stuff. It just happened to be what I started writing, and I think it’s fun to explore the power dynamic. For Corbin, I felt like it was a way to see his darker side and darker tastes without scaring everyone. Plus Audrey is an experienced woman, and I felt she needed a man who could challenge all of her beliefs about sex and romance but without trying to change her. 🙂

      • Yeah she got me hooked on it too. I never thought that I would be into BDSM, but I might give it a try.(Lol)

      • I just thought of something, I am a US Army Veteran. I am an expert with the M16, and the 45, a sharpshooter with hand granades, and have been trained in hand to hand combat. Who’s going to dominate me?

        • How did I miss this comment?? Thank you for your service, Joyce. I wish I knew enough about the military to write some bad ass SEAL types, but I’m still in the research stages. How do you feel about supernatural creatures? If a grenade can’t kill him, he’s not going to be easily intimidated! 😀

          • I never know what to say when people say thank you for your service. All I know is that I was doing a job that I was trained for and loved every minute of it. I was trained as a sniper, but thank God I never had to use it. If a grenade can’t kill him, you could try the M-60, or an ATGM. I have no idea how to stop him. He’s supernatural, maybe fire or something as simple as water might be able to get the job done.

            • You’re much too modest. Serving in the armed forces isn’t something just anyone can do. I’m impressed. And don’t worry… I’ll make sure to write some dominant guys who aren’t intimidated by women with lethal skills, lol. 🙂

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