Saved by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #3) Available!!!

New Release–99¢ for you lovely folks (please don’t tell me you’re not lovely or I’ll have to send Corbin over with a paddle).

And for the first time EVER, I’ve got links to all the bookstores on release day. Quite proud of that!

Next one up in about a month!




SAVED BY A DANGEROUS MAN is an erotic romance novella of 36,500 words.

As Audrey struggles to keep Corbin’s identity secret, the rest of her life spins out of control. Rival bounty hunter Henry suspects she’s playing him for information, changes at work leave her stunned, and her father crosses her one time too many.

Audrey doesn’t approve of what Corbin is, but he proves that he’s been paying close attention to what she needs. When an unexpected situation explodes, Corbin can reassure her, but only the other Corbin, the one with secrets and a dark past, can save her.

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13 thoughts on “Saved by a Dangerous Man (By a Dangerous Man #3) Available!!!

    • I’m sorry that you had to wait. Not fair! 🙂

      Google blocked all the Office Toy titles so far for being too sexy, so I’ve been making adjustments and seeing if Google is happy before uploading the rest.

      All that to say…the rest of the Office Toy series should be there within a day or two!

  1. When I saw your reply that you’ll be continuing Audrey and Corbin’s story, I breathed a big sigh of relief! Can’t wait!!

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