Executive Package (Office Toy #6) Available!!!

Her lipstick doesn't stand a chance

Her lipstick doesn’t stand a chance

WOO-HOO! Welcome back to Cunningham, Jonathan, Nolan, and Elle. The final Office Toy is available. Another warning: at 3x the size of the first story, this is the Magnum XXL of the series. Take a deep breath… you can handle it! (Imagine Cunningham saying that…)

I’ve got a lot of fun, hot titles in the pipeline, including new sexy bosses and employees. So we don’t have to say goodbye to office shenanigans anytime soon.


Elle’s domineering billionaire bosses introduce her to the world as theirs, unleashing public scrutiny that she’s not prepared for. As if that weren’t trouble enough, they want her to choose which of them to marry.

Cunningham—brooding, controlling and dominant. Jonathan—confident and playful with movie star looks. Nolan—spoiled playboy who knows Elle better than she knows herself.

It’s an impossible decision, one that’s destroying Elle. She’s been submitting to her bosses for months, but she’s never felt so helpless. Deep down, who does she love the most?

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