Fearless (After Forever/Bisexual Billionaire #3) Now Available!!!

Nelson, Kimberly and Samuel are in serious trouble. It’s no secret that Samuel’s got demons, but what’s up with Nelson? Don’t want to give it away except to promise a happy ending to the trilogy–in every way! 🙂


Nelson has never been afraid of anything. Except himself.

A gorgeous, unmarried billionaire at age 30 with a craving for kinky threesomes, Nelson seems to attract the broken and the damaged. Just when he thinks he’s found a future with Samuel and Kimberly,  Nelson’s former lovers reappear, still furious–and now suing–over a BDSM session gone bad.

He has never forgiven himself for what happened that night, and as old wounds are ripped open, he struggles to hide his darkest secrets and the truths they reveal about the man he really is.

Kimberly and Samuel have never been so happy, and they owe it all to Nelson. He’s their dominating lover, their hero, their savior, and they don’t care about his past mistakes. They need him, and they’ll put everything on the line to prove that he’s a good man.

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